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Santa Paula’s New Salt Water Softener Buy Back Program

Goodbye Salt! The City of Santa Paula, California banned the use of salt-based water softening systems, but estimates up to 1,200 households still use such systems, which release environmentally-damaging chloride salts into wastewater. Under a new initiative introduced in June of 2015, residents still using salt-based softeners can take part in a buy-back program offering…
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Five Reasons Why You Should Drink Filtered Water

Filtering water before consumption has significant benefits, from protecting your health to making tap water taste much better At Enviro¬†Water, we offer a range of water filtration systems to meet your needs, including economical and compact countertop filters, reverse osmosis and whole house filtration systems. Read on to find the five most important benefits of…
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Why We Need To Address Chlorine

Bathing and showering in chlorinated water Just like swimming in a chlorinated pool, showering and bathing in chlorinated water affects your skin and hair. Over time the chlorine will dry out your hair, requiring the use of conditioners. Those people with chemically treated hair will notice their color will bleach out quicker. Our skin is…
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