Check Out the Enviro Water Heater Shield Difference!

Water heaters are essential for modern homes; however, few people give much thought to maintaining their units to improve performance and prolong life. Enhanced with an advanced filtration system, Water Heater Shield can help your system meet its fullest potential, while protecting your manufacturer’s warranty.


High-performing Solutions for Common Water Problems

Since more than eight of every ten U.S. homes are supplied with hard water, it’s no wonder scale build-up plagues countless water heaters throughout the country. Besides jeopardizing a unit’s long-term outlook, this scale can limit its short-term efficiency. In fact, research shows that every millimeter of buildup on a heating coil results in an estimated 15 percent higher energy costs each year.

Fortunately, you can protect your water heater and enhance its performance by installing the Enviro Water Heater Shield. Equipped with a five micron high-efficiency filter, this high-performing device eliminates rust, dirt and sediment buildup. At the same time, the Sliphos® media within the filter chamber prevents scale and corrosion within the water heater.

Easily installed inside or outside your home, the Water Heater Shield attaches to the feed water line that leads to the water heater. Compatible with both tankless and tank-type water heaters, this high-performing device is easy to install and control. A pressure relief button on the side of the cap makes filter changes quick and easy, while a high-quality, liquid-filled pressure gauge is included to clearly show pressure loss, which indicates the need for a new filter.

A Solid Investment for Your Home

Scale and corrosion can cause irreparable damage to your water heater, while increasing your utility bills. With the Enviro Water Heater Shield, you can lower your monthly energy costs and guard against expensive repair and replacement costs down the road.

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Invest in higher efficiency and long-term protection with high-performing Enviro water treatment products.

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