Why We Need To Address Chlorine

Bathing and showering in chlorinated water

Just like swimming in a chlorinated pool, showering and bathing in chlorinated water affects your skin and hair. Over time the chlorine will dry out your hair, requiring the use of conditioners. Those people with chemically treated hair will notice their color will bleach out quicker. Our skin is an organ whose pores soak up chlorine instantly from both water when bathing and water vapors when showering, which can leave skin itchy, dry and uncomfortable.

Drinking chlorinated water

The main function of a carbon filter is to remove contaminants, unpleasant tastes and smells from drinking water. Carbon filters do not require a lot of maintenance, and with proper sediment filter changes and media changes, can provide the best tasting water. They provide an excellent value for your money and are definitely a less expensive choice than bottled water.

Cooking with chlorinated water

Chlorine is a chemical that is adsorbed into your foods and make your sauces and drinks taste foul. If you've ever cooked pasta, made coffee, juice or tea using filtered water you can definitely tell the difference. All of the top restaurants, chefs and even coffee houses use filtered water now so they can produce a quality product every time.

Enjoy the Benefits of Enviro Water Products

Protect your family with Whole House Filtration:

  • Softer skin and hair
  • Great tasting coffee and tea
  • Better than bottled water from every tap
  • Does NOT waste water
  • Requires NO electricity
  • 5 year performance guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty on tanks and parts

Protect your home with Salt-Free Water Softening:

  • Prevents / removes hard water scale from plumbing and appliances
  • Certified 99.6% effective by DVGW
  • Naturally softened water with no heavy salt bags
  • Conditioned water without that slippery feel
  • Does NOT waste water
  • Leaves in beneficial materials

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