Santa Paula’s New Salt Water Softener Buy Back Program

Goodbye Salt! The City of Santa Paula, California banned the use of salt-based water softening systems, but estimates up to 1,200 households still use such systems, which release environmentally-damaging chloride salts into wastewater. Under a new initiative introduced in June of 2015, residents still using salt-based softeners can take part in a buy-back program offering up to $800 for the removal and replacement of salt-based systems.

The buyback program offers $500 for the removal of a salt-based system, and an additional $300 in rebates should the homeowner opt to replace their old system with a new, greener salt-free water softener. Residents who take advantage of the program will not be penalized for having used salt-based softeners in spite of legislation banning such systems.

The city has several reasons for offering the program, not least of which is pressure from the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, which ordered Santa Paula to reduce chlorides in wastewater. The order is part of an attempt to improve the quality of groundwater and the Santa Clara River.

While Santa Paula has a five-year old wastewater treatment plant valued at $75 million, the plant is not currently equipped to remove chlorides. Every gallon of softened water produced by a salt-based water softener creates a gallon of brackish, wastewater filled with salts that pass unhindered into local watersheds.

Residents who opt to replace their salt-based systems with Enviro's Whole House System will see their water bills drop, as our salt-free systems produce no wastewater. In addition, the NaturSoft requires no electricity to operate, and does not need the frequent (and expensive) servicing and media replacement of salt-based models. Add in $800 from the city, and your new system pays for itself quickly, all while providing you with softened water free from the slippery feel so common to salt-based systems. How can you lose?

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