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Salt-Based Water Softeners Slowly Killing Limited Water Supply

Salt-based water softeners are “old technology” water softeners that primarily remove “hard” minerals, like magnesium and calcium, from families’ drinking water. The process that removes these hard minerals is ion exchange, in which ions of the undesired minerals are swapped with those of sodium ions. The result is a “softer” water that allows detergents and…
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5 Good Reasons to NEVER Drink Bottled Water

As you might expect, at Enviro we’re not thrilled with prepackaged bottled water. In many ways bottled water is the antithesis of our commitment to the environment, public health, and sustainability. There’s no doubt bottled water is popular—America alone consumes nearly 9.7 billion gallons of bottled water a year, a figure that makes the multinational corporations…
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