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By 2016, California Will Run Out of Water

Jay Famiglietti is concerned, and with good cause. The senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently announced that California has only one year’s worth of water left in its severely depleted reservoirs and groundwater supplies, with no end in sight to a drought that has already lasted over four years. According to…
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California Drought Worsens in 2015

California entered its fourth year of drought conditions with yet more bad news. 2015 saw the driest January since the state began keeping meteorological records. At the same time, February had the hottest temperatures ever recorded. It’s disheartening news for Californians, many of whom thought they might be getting some much-needed relief when December 2014,…
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Oil Companies Sour Aquifers in California

California is currently suffering through a serious drought. The water-parched Central Valley has pumped enough groundwater out of local aquifers that in some areas the ground is actually sinking. In the midst of all this, it turns out that oil companies have been injecting chemical-laced wastewater into aquifers for decades—and they’ve been doing it with…
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