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Our company’s mission is to help families enjoy cleaner, safer,
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Protect Your Family


Protect Your Home


Protect The Environment

Whole House Filtration and Salt-Free Water Conditioning
Whole-house water filtration protects your family and your home. EnviroSoft™, our proprietary media is a maintenance free, salt-free softening alternative that is 99.6% effective in preventing scale. Our water filtration systems are eco-friendly and waste no water, use no electricity or salt bags and do not discharge anything into the environment.

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IAPMO Certified to reduce chlorine by 97%

DVGW Certified to prevent 99.6% of scale

Salt and chemical-free

No wasted water and no salt brine discharge

Limited Lifetime Warranty on parts, tanks and EnviroSoft™ Media*

*The Limited Lifetime Warranty is for 12.5 years.

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Are You Drinking and Bathing in Chlorine? Are You Drinking and Bathing in Chlorine?

How the Ultimate Combo Works How the Ultimate Combo Works

Water Heater Scale and Sediment Reduction
A cost effective, high quality device to protect water heaters from damaging scale. The Water Heater Shield is installed on the feed water line just prior to the water heater (tankless or traditional). The 5 micron high efficiency, high performing filter removes dirt, silt and sediment. Siliphos® media within the filter chamber prevents scale and stops corrosion by forming a thin protective layer on the element, lining and other surfaces within the water heater.

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Reduces sediment and inhibits scale


Designed for all gas and electric water heaters

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
Our Reverse Osmosis (RO) System is perfect if you are concerned about specific contaminants in your municipal water like Arsenic V, Cysts, Fluoride, Lead and high Total Dissolved Solids that cannot be reduced with carbon filtration alone.

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drink cleaner

Enjoy pure and refreshing high-quality drinking water straight from the kitchen

Live Healthier

Filter out harmful chemicals and contaminants while maintaining minerals that are beneficial to your health

Simple Yearly Maintenance

The innovative twist and lock design makes service simple. Twist off the old cartridge and twist on the new. No messy sump removal.

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